Finding My Focus

Previously posted at on January 24, 2022

If you’ve read my posts you know I love CliftonStrengths® and there is indeed, a strength called Focus®. And even though this is one of my LESSER themes… that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Today, I’m talking about the Full Focus Planner® that was introduced to much mockery back in the summer of 2017. Former CEO of ThomasNelson Publishing, Michael Hyatt, is a productivity guru. He’d tried many planners but none “fit” him. So being the entrepreneur he is, he decided to create his own. Based on his system that he had been perfecting for years.

I related well to Hyatt’s issues of finding a system that truly worked for me. I tried FranklinCovey®, Dayrunner®, and more apps that I can name but nothing ever stuck.

Even with a long list of failures when I received the email from Michael Hyatt telling me about this new planner he was planning and offering me an “introductory” price that couldn’t be beat, I joined.  Over four years later, I’m still using my Full Focus Planner® (FFP for short)

Why has this been a successful system when so many others failed me? I think it’s because of the system behind it. Hyatt didn’t take my money and sent me a nice planner with a “Thanks and Good Luck!’ He created and provided (FOR FREE) video tutorials and a support system that really helped me dig into the planner.

I think some of the other planners might have systems and training behind them, but Hyatt made the FFP training so accessible, so easy to follow. AND he didn’t just do one and one, he has updated and “tweaked” the FFP based on the feedback of the community.

Have I done it perfectly? No, of course not. But another selling point is it’s a quarterly planner. If I purchase a year-long planner and blow  it in February, I might end up chucking the whole thing. But with the FFP if I blow it in February, I have a new planner arriving to start April 1st! It’s a second chance! Maybe just a mental thing, but 4 ½ years later and I’m still using my FFP.

Hopefully, I’ve piqued your curiosity. Why? Because Michael Hyatt opened up the opportunity for people like me, who love the system and have been “preaching” the system, a chance to become Full Focus Planner® Certified Professionals! 

I would love the opportunity to share with you either through one on one coaching or with your team how the philosophy of the FFP can help you be more productive and as Michael likes to say, “To win at work and succeed at life.”

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