Learning and Doing

Learning versus Doing

As I mentioned in my last post, I've always enjoyed learning. But as I've taken the deep dive into coaching, especially in the context of CliftonStrengths® that joy of learning has turned into an unquenchable fire!

Okay, maybe a little too dramatic, but I feel like if I were to take the CliftonStrengths® assessment today Learner® would be significantly higher than number 10!

Of course, the peeps from Gallup will tell you we operate in our top 10 to 12 (and sometimes more) strengths. So it really isn't surprising that even at number 10 my Learner® is thriving. I believe the learning opportunities that I had helped get me through the pandemic!

But as I relaunch MagnusonHouse Coaching, I realize I have to move from full-time learning to at least part-time doing.  Taking the things I've learned and using them to help people and if I'm fortunate enough, make a little money.  Of course, I'll never stop learning at least as long as I draw breath!

From a CliftonStrengths® doing has the potential of being difficult for me. My first Executing Theme comes in at #5 with Deliberative®. One through four are all in the Relationship Building Domain. But yesterday while I was enjoying a  club sandwich and AMAZING onion rings, I heard something that resonated for me. I was listening to Dana Williams and H. Muir  on a LinkedIn Live talking about How Leaders Can Use Strengths Domains to Give Followers What They Need Now I highly recommend taking the 30 minutes to listen to what they shared. Really good stuff! But the thing that H shared that helps me is:

When writing out your to-do's for the day start with the name of the person this action will benefit. 


When I return to work next week, I'm going to try that, identify WHO will benefit by the what on my to do list! 

I'll let you know what I discover!