New Beginnings

February 16, 2022

Right now I'm sitting in my bedroom in my house in Oklahoma. Looking out the window at the land where I grew up. The many early mornings sitting in the back of a trailer full of hay while my mom drove the tractor around the field. My sister and I would throw the hay out so the cows would have something to eat. Like today it was often windy and very cold.  Snow is expected for tomorrow, growing up snow didn't stop the need to deliver hay to the cows. Just meant you better know where your gloves were!

But in another month the green grass will be starting to peek through and  blossoms will start forming on the pear trees in Dad's orchard. Spring is a new beginning. A season that brings rain showers and in Oklahoma the promise of tornados!  But that's an analogy for another day.

Late last spring I started a new beginning in a partnership with two great friends, we became SavantsIO, LLC. It was a learning process, a very good learning process which is something I enjoy, learning that is. But as we progressed I felt a restlessness that at times border lined on frustration.  Not long after my training to become a Full Focus Planner Certified Pro it hit me.  The last "R" in Hyatt's SMARTER® Goals Framework was relevant.  When you create a big audacious goal you have to ask is it relevant to this phase of your life? As I thought about the circumstances of my partners I began to question if they were in a place in their lives to invest in the company to the level I want/need to. 

In our monthly meeting I asked that question. They both realized that they weren't in the same place I was, and that's okay. We decided, for now at least, that we would dissolve the SavantsIO LLC and I would branch out on my own.  

Before joining SavantsIO and I was in the very early stages of branding under MagnusonHouse Coaching and Consulting. (Not an LLC YET).  Now is the time for me to actively work on my coaching business and see what the future has in store for me.  I'm grateful for the learning opportunities I've had this last year and know it will help me do things better in the future. 

I hope you'll join me in this great adventure!