So Much to Learn So Little Time

January 19, 2022 - In: CliftonStrengths®

Do you feel like that? Like there’s this great big world out there and so many cool things to learn?

  Yet, there’s just…




That’s me!  I never really understood why, until I unlocked my CliftonStrengths® full 34 report. And there it was… the answer…

Sitting at #10, the talent theme known as Learner®

It’s a truly beautiful theme.  Listen as Maika Leibbrandt gives you a quick overview:

I especially liked what she said about the journey. It truly is a journey from not knowing something to knowing all about it.  Oftentimes, when I’m on a journey, I get sidetracked, I see something “shiny” over there that I want to learn about.   Sometimes, I find myself so far off the original trail, I never get back to it.

Honestly, I get so busy learning that I don’t get anything done.

2021, was a LITTLE like that. I had the opportunity to experience several amazing learning opportunities.  If you would like to see a review of 2021 check out my post

Now looking at 2022, I want to take what I’ve learned and help others grow. Help others find their own journey to new learnings. Help others to be better tomorrow than they are today!

2022 is a STRETCH year for me… I know I’ll be learning things, I actually have 2 classes in mind for this year.  But more about those on another day.

2022 is about others.  Investing in them…

What about you?

         What are you learning?

                   Do you enjoy learning?

If not, how are you growing? Are you growing?

I’m a believer that we all should be growing, getting better at something.

What area of your life would you like to grow in this year?

A coach can help with that.  I would love to potentially partner with you in your growth journey.  

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