Team Development

Do you have a team struggling to understand their individual roles?

Are you trying to build a more cohesive team?

Utilizing the Lego SeriousPlay framework I help team members express their individual contributions to how they fit with the rest of the team.

CliftonStrengths® for Teams

CliftonStrengths gives your team a common language and insights to how they get things done. This understanding is a gateway to building trust and leveraging each other's unique talents to be more effective in today's fast paced world.

Is your team struggling to get a project started? Do you get stuck in the middle? Fail to finish?

The 6 Types of Working Genius developed by Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group is 20% personality assessment 80% productivity assessment.

This assessment quickly identifies what seat on the bus each of you should be sitting in. In a language that is simple to understand and apply.